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The Retrospective (sounds like a band name)

15 December 2005

Hey there folks - long time no blog.
As you may have noticed (or not noticed, since you may have forgotten the sheer existence of this nook in cyberspace), my fat-chewing/rock-badger-impersonating rumination has been rather patchy of late.
Sadly, this seems to be the way of things.

So, here's a summary of the major events in my life over the last few months:

1. Foo Fighters @ the Superdome.

Oh What a night! Accompanied by Mickey and Joe and Geoff the Treasurer, we had nosebleed seats on the side. It was a suprisingly good spot, complete with our own dedicated air-conditioning vent, several spare seats and, being the back row, the ability to stand up and mosh on the spot.

What a lightshow. What a series of burps and belches from frontman Grohl. He certainly suits the Aussie (read: descended from convicts!) crowd.
He's the closest thing to rock royalty these days - being in both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. Even one of the big-wigs at work went to see the Foos with his son. Ahh, I'd forgotten that IT execs can be inspiring =).

2. Homebake

This year saw my very first venture to the all Australian (and NZ) music festival.
I find it rather strange that Australia seems to believe that NZ acts are somehow 'homegrown'. We stole them all. Really.
Most of them are worth stealing - except Shihad *j/k*.

3. Leaving Bradley Manor, Moving into the Borrowed Ale Hotel
4. T.D. Jakes
5. Work Christmas Party
6. IT gut!

Given that, as usual, my time is limited, I shall endeavour to expand on points 3 to 6 in another post.

Until next time, stay classy,

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