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I never finish anythi

22 October 2009

It struck me recently how unfinished and unresolved most of life is. Donning my favourite Captain Obvious uniform, I bring to your attention this fact:
Something isn't finished until it is. Erm, finished, that is.

Still unclear, try this one on for size:
Things aren't 100%, 99% of the time

Why all this semantic playfulness?

Recognising this fact makes dealing with all of that uncertainty and incompleteness that much easier.

Some task taking you longer than expected?

It's OK, most things are unresolved most of the time.

I'm talking to my kids about the same thing, again?
That's OK, people - especially children - take time to learn things. Repetition is key.

I'm still battling with this same issue after all these years?
That's pretty normal, just keep battling through.

Acknowledging, embracing and expecting imperfection, inefficiency and frustration somehow makes it all a little less frustrating. Looks like I've changed costumes into Captain Optimist (Optimist Prime?)

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