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29 December 2006

It dawned on me recently that holidays actually means "holy days". Awesome!!
Oh, how I love holidays!!!

I love sleeping in and not having to get up for anything. I love sitting out the back reading as the sun goes down. I love hanging out with good old friends, and watching the cricket, and eating too much. I love my family, and my family home. I love not having to think about anything at all if I don't want to. I love having time to ponder the things of God without distraction. I love watching movies, and going to the beach, and my home church. I love learning new songs on the guitar.

But these are truly holy days. Every ounce of delight and satisfaction is a reflection of it's creator. This year I've learnt that work is certainly not worth idolising. But neither is rest. Truly, the Sabbath was made for man - made for him to see a glimpse of the lord of the Sabbath. Thankyou my God for rest!! Thankyou my God for you =)

Until next time, stay classy San Diego...

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