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14 November 2006

Yes, life has been busy. Yes, I haven't posted for ages. Yes, God has been gracious.
Yes, Third Day are touring. Yes, Switchfoot have released the video for Oh! Gravity.
Yes, this post will end now.

Until next time, stay classy San Diego,

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  1. Anonymous Danielle | 14 November, 2006 21:42 |  

    And they're not coming to Perth! Man!

  2. Blogger redbach | 23 November, 2006 23:22 |  

    hey martyman. i may not post myself (my resolution to blog more didn't last a week) but i can always leave comments...

    so anyway my sister was nice enough to hook me up with third day tickets for the sydney gig! see you in the borroden... (still working on a name. hmmmm.)

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